Why I turned to telemedicine and reasons you should, too

I figured it would happen sooner or later.  I just didn’t expect I’d need it for me. #LiveHealthOnline had always been my urgent care plan for the wee ones during the wee hours. But the other night, I knew I was the kind of sick that needed to be treated.  So, at 11:20 pm, I opened my laptop and logged on for care. Within twenty minutes I had consulted face-to-face with a physician, obtained a prescription and was back in bed. Wow!  That was exactly what I needed.

Telemedicine will remain my “go-to” for urgent care and here are the reasons you should give it a try, too:


Telemedicine service providers are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  You may consult with a physician from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere two-way video is accessible (i.e. laptop or smartphone). Although the registration process was easy to do, I regret not having done so sooner to avoid having to deal with it when I wasn’t feeling well. But, next time I’ll be ready to go once I log on.


The most a LiveHealth Online consultation will cost is $49.  Because my health insurer partners with LiveHealth Online, I was only charged $10. This amount is also shown on the back of my health plan ID Card.  In any event, your cost will be disclosed prior to your session but will not exceed $49. Check with your health plan to see if they prefer a different provider, such as #Teladoc, to take advantage of additional savings.


LiveHealth Online offers an impressive selection of pediatricians, family practitioners and emergency medicine doctors to choose from.  Prior to my session, I had the opportunity to review photos and profiles of available physicians. Moments after making my selection, I was encountering a face-to-face visit.  No more sitting in a waiting room for me.


Telemedicine serves those with the following symptoms best:

  • colds and flu
  • allergies and sinus infections
  • bronchitis
  • pink eye and/or other infections
  • diarrhea
  • skin rashes

Remember ~ the Emergency Room serves those with life threatening emergencies best and it is always recommended you call 911 when you find yourself in that situation.


On LiveHealth Online, you may return to the same physician should your symptoms continue. Your medical record is stored in order to quickly pick up where you left off or for starting up with someone new. You also have the option of having health notes sent to your regular physician.

Since my initial visit, I have returned to LiveHealth Online to add my children and an alternate pharmacy to my profile.  Whether it be the middle of the night, a holiday or vacation, my family is ready for care any time we need it.

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