image My name is Jackie Dold.  I’m a Group Benefits Specialist with over twenty years of industry experience (CA License 0D17575).  I am currently a Senior Account Executive at HUB International Insurance Services, Inc. in San Francisco and have recently been designated Client Services Team Leader for the Northern California Region.  I am also an ambassador for HUB Women, an organization dedicated to success, mentorship and growth.   Importantly, I am wife and mother who, like you, wants nothing less than the best for my family.

Health care today is complicated, and at times, intimidating. When I had my two children, I was surprised at the amount of time and energy needed to resolve my own family insurance issues. Thankfully, I have industry know-how and was able to get the most bang for my buck. The experience, however, made me realize that the average person is at a disadvantage. It’s all so very technical.

I’m here to help you better understand the benefits provided by your employer and to share tips for how to get the most value out of your coverage. General benefit information is provided. But, please always refer to your Summary Plan Description for details specific to your family’s coverage.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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